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Animal lover, humanist, environmentalist, writer, gamer, space enthusiast, ex-webmaster
Software Engineer

I am an environmentalist turned software engineer based in Nairobi, Kenya, with an interest in transforming lives and making things1 better. I have a strong interest in matters concerning mental health, climate change, sustainable development, and the role of software in achieving fair and equitable distribution of resources.

Thus far, I have been involved in projects spanning multiple disciplines ranging from the newsroom, media, event ticketing, environmentalism, mental health, physical fitness and child care. I know! Quite the diverse list.

I believe in tooling and automating tasks which in the long run makes a person more productive and achieve that sweet balance between personal and work time.

I am a huge believer on mental wellness being just as important as the physical well-being, and to that end I try to extend kindness as much as I can and give a listening ear whenever I can handle it. To take it further, I co-founded Bonga which is a platform where anyone can be heard anonymously.

"Skills, what about your skills, Ben!"

I was getting to that! Over 10 years I have honed my skills in Javascript, Java, Kotlin, and PHP. I currently build React apps for a living, but at different times in my career I switch(ed) between different stacks to revive the necessary professional proficiency required to justify listing them in my tool belt.

I design scalable cloud infrastructure on Azure, AWS & GCP along with the processes required to have an efficient release lifecycle. I'm a big fan of Gitlab-CI and pretty much all my personal projects run on it.

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  1. "Things" encompasses aspects around mental wellness and quality of life